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Treeless Saddles

Treeless Saddles have multiple benefits but it is not suitable for everyone. In order to make sure that a treeless saddle finds the right home and the right horse, we have devised a form, filled with important questions that need to be answered.

Once we receive the form, we are able to carefully review each answer and decide if you are right for treeless saddles. Please complete the form by clicking here

We monitor the buying and selling of Savara Treeless Saddles as well, via our Facebook Page. If you would like to join the Group, visiting Facebook and search Savara Second Hand Saddles. 

We have taken the time out to outline the benefits of riding in Treeless Saddles right here on our website. Click here to learn more about them. You can always get in touch with us here should you have any further questions.

If you already know that Treeless Saddles are right for you, then click here to purchase your Savara Treeless Saddle. Thank you.


Where It Began


Savara began selling western style halters at various shows across South Africa. Immediately, customers recognised the quality in the products we had available. The styles were unique to the market and were warmly received by those who bought our products.

We received calls and emails from then on requesting more products, specifically bridles & browbands. We introduced the Treeless Saddle, which a few of our customers tried and enjoyed the close contact feeling of the saddle. The fact that the saddle was lightweight and was able to be used on multiple horses was also well received. Based on the demand, we decided to bring in more products.



Savara started to see a growth in demand for Treeless Saddles. This was because Treeless saddles have been designed to maximize the connection between the horse and rider. As treeless saddles are made without a solid wooden tree the saddle becomes completely flexible molding around the natural contours of the horses back. It is a more natural way of riding your horse and many describe the experience similar to bareback riding except more comfortable, secure and safe. We developed a form that our customers could fill in, so we could determine whether they and their horse would benefit a Treeless Saddle. If you would like to know more about Treeless Saddles, click here and if you would like to know if Treeless is right for you, please complete the form here

Bling became a thing


We spent a lot of time and effort in the design of the bridles and it became a signature of ours. Horses wearing our bridles stood out, thanks to the diamante designs that we put together and soon, our brand became synonymous with the bling. 

We incorporated the diamante design in our halters, browbands and dog collars. We wanted to offer our customers something different and unique, so that our products were distinctly Savara. 

Now, when you see a horse wearing a bit of bling in their Tack, you can guarantee that it is Savara.



In 2018, we launched our charity initiative, Giving is Living ( The idea behind the initiative is to offer support to the many well-established animal charities across South Africa. This can be achieved by setting up fund raising events, volunteering at the animal charity, setting up projects with the goal to fulfill the need of an animal charity and even being a halfway house for the adoption and re-homing of abused and neglected animals. On the 16th of March 2019, we hosted our first Charity Art Auction ( We managed to raise over R250,000 for animal charities and it officially launched the Giving is Living Initiative. We are now involved in many other projects to help other animal charities. 



This year marks the sixth year Savara has been in business. Our new look website, which is designed to make the purchasing of our products easier and more efficient, is now up and running and we hope you enjoy browsing a new range of products. 

We are extremely grateful for the incredible support we have received over the years that has kept us in business and we hope to continue offering quality products at affordable prices. 

We would love to hear from you as to how we can do better and other products you would like to see us doing. So please email with your feedback.



In 2018, Savara established their Charity Initiative, Giving is Living. Since then, we have kick started two of our major projects, to unchain township dogs (Movement for Mutts) and provide better quality shelter in the form of kennels with the help of The Purple Kennel Project (Kennels for Canines). Every sale we make goes towards the Giving is Living Initiative and towards our efforts to assist animal charities across SA and help the lives of domestic animals.

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