A Savara Initiative

Savara strongly believes in the importance of caring for animals in need. That is why Savara is making a huge effort to support animal charities across South Africa by creating the Giving is Living Initiative. The initative helps by donating our time via our Savara Volunteer Programme to established Animal Charities, setting up events that raise both awareness and address the needs of a selected Charity and much more.

There are so many groups of wonderful people that have dedicated their lives for various causes that range from setting up Animal Rehabilitation Centres, to making people aware of how to care for animals. After all, it was Nelson Mandela who once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

By teaching people how to look after animals, you are empowering them with a life long skill that can benefit the animal race. So many hopeless animals walk this world with their only chance of survival coming from us, the human race. And it is because of this, we are determine to be a company that joins in and supports this fight for animals.

We hope to achieve this and so much more via our initiative. Please visit our website www.givingisliving.co.za to find out more.