Treeless saddles have been designed to maximize the connection between the horse and rider. As treeless saddles are made without a solid wooden tree the saddle becomes completely flexible moulding around the natural contours of the horses back. It is a more natural way of riding your horse and many describe the experience similar to bareback riding except more comfortable, secure and safe. 

The biggest problems caused by saddles with trees involve either too wide a tree, which allows the saddle to drop down onto the withers or too narrow a channel, which can cause the horses to tense their backs from the pressure of the panel against the withers and ligaments along the spine. Saddles with a narrow arch at the front of the tree tends to grab and pinch the withers at the side. All of these problems can cause immense pain and discomfort for your horse and many horses never fully recover from the damage caused by ill fitted saddles. Therefore, it is imperative that you consult with a qualified Saddle Fitter when purchasing a traditional saddle.

The advantage of using a treeless saddle is that all these pressure points caused by the wooden trees are alleviated. The flexibility of the saddle provides complete freedom of movement whereby the horse is able to fully extend his shoulders and work within his own natural gaits without the restriction of a rigid tree. 

No saddle specialist is required to fit your saddle. Due to the flexibility of treeless saddles one saddle fits almost every horses back! One of the advantages of Savara treeless saddles is that you can use the same saddle for multiple horses.

The stirrup attachments are completely adjustable allowing you to change stirrup positions from jumping to classical to dressage to western. By adjusting the stirrup attachments it allows each individual rider to adjust their stirrup placement promoting the correct and natural hip-shoulder-heel alignment.

The weight distribution of our treeless saddles has been researched, investigated, tried and tested to ensure that no pressure is placed directly on the horses spine however due to the saddle being extremely close contact with the horses back we cannot stress enough the importance of using a good quality saddle pad with anti slip backing, cooling, stability and full protection of the horses spine and loin area. It is also imperative that the Treeless Saddle is not used by a rider heavier than 75kg when riding in our Synthetic Treeless and 85kg when riding in our Leather Treeless.

We have Developed a Treeless Saddle Pad which compliments all our treeless Saddles perfectly. The treeless saddle pad is designed with a Vertebrae Protection System (VPS) whereby the Saddle Pad has pockets with Shock Absorbing Foam Panel Inserts on the right and left of the spine creating a soft channel or gullet which guarantees total spinal clearance. 

We have created a brand of treeless saddles that include all the best aspects of every other treeless saddle such as 'Barefoot' and 'Freeform' but at an affordable price. 

Before you purchase a Treeless Saddle, you must complete the form so we can establish whether you and your horse are suitable for a Savara Treeless Saddle. If you require any further Info please email us at