Skye & Jamie-Lee

Skye Randall rescued her baby, Jamie-Lee a year ago. While she was showing the farrier around town the different farms with horses, she stumbled across a horse that was so skinny, and was so afraid of humans.

‘You could not even touch her; she would run away.’ Skye made an offer to the owner and the next week, she brought Jamie-Lee home. Jamie-Lee was also infested with ticks and was so malnourished that when they first introduced her to food other than grass, she started pawing at the ground because she was scared that someone would take her found away. She got so anxious every time they fed her. It was a long journey to get her to trust and accept love from humans again. But with carrot by carrot, she started gaining her trust.

‘First, she would walk up slowly take the carrot and turn away immediately. Now when she sees me, she walks up with no hesitation in her body.’ We love how far you two have come!

Skye followed up on her previous owners and she then found out that Jamie-Lee had been badly abused by workers on the previous farms she had been on. This broke Skye’s heart and gave her a sense that she would never give up on her no matter how long it took. She was left to wither away until she took her i

‘It was the best decision I have ever made. She taught me so much patience and an indescribable love.’

To date, Jamie-Lee has filled out so nicely, stands for a farrier (which she never could do), let’s everyone touch her and give her those bum scratches she desires every day. She went from hating humans to allowing them to love and take her for outriders and high is her favourite. She just loves her carrots, her hay, her grub, and running always when on an outride. 

‘Her progress has made me so proud. She is one happy horse again. In my care she will never feel unloved or scared ever again. She is 12 years old (judged by her teeth) and she is my everything.’

Your story is so brave and we are so very pleased you two found each other! Jamie-Lee is one lucky horse.

Have you rescued a horse and/or animal or currently have a rescue horse and/or animal? If so, would you like to share your story with us by sending us an email about it with a picture of your rescue!