Shial & Caltex

‘She is not a horse, but she is a little rescue. The most vicious little critter you have ever encountered.’

Her name is Caltex. She is a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

Shial Christie found her in the dustbin at a Caltex garage one winter morning, frozen half to death in 2018.

She popped Caltex into her jacket and drove to the vet. She laid there quiet as a mouse, and had a bit to say about the man giving her a once over.

Shial’s vet, Chris Janich, sponsored her formula and lucky she had some bottles from raising some bunnies earlier that year.

She did not want to drink and was too small to eat. So, her dog, Sheila, took on the little fur ball (the size of a tennis ball) and gave her the attention Shial could not give her.

Sheila was not the most patient step-parent, and there were a few occasions she thought she was going to eat her.

They are still extremely close, and most of the time still annoy each other.

But Cally (as she is called) started drinking, driving around everywhere with Shial. To the yard, to the office, and everywhere else in-between.

She had a large carrier for the car, and everywhere else (including horse shows) she would be everywhere! mostly with her looking to find Cally.

Cally has grown up to be a beautiful 3-year-old now, with the attitude of a rottweiler, and the cuteness of a fluffy bunny but do not be fooled by the pretty eyes. She is, and will always be, a little wild cat.

Cally looks beautiful and brave all in one! Thank you Shial for sharing your story!

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