Sarah & Bentley

This is Sarah Wanless’ rescue, Bentley. A friend of hers messaged her in level 4 lockdown that her colleague's friend had a 4-month-old Border Collie puppy that they didn't want any more as they had a 3-month-old baby and couldn't handle him. And if they couldn't find a home, he would end up at the SPCA.  

Sarah arranged with a friend, who had a travel/business permit (and pretended to be an employee) to drive her to a meeting point to collect him. As she handed him across, she said "Oh by the way, he doesn't like to use his back left leg, it just started and we don't know why. Our friend who works at a pet shop said nothing is wrong and we just give him Rimadyl". 

Needless to say, Sarah had him at the vet that afternoon, confirming that he had had his left femur kicked in and broken and just left to heal on its own. A whole lot of other tells came out that the poor boy had definitely been physically abused. 

Thanks to the love of his rescue sister Shelby (who was neglected and came to us with a stomach full of plastic at 10 weeks old, the day before hard lockdown. Her mom had escaped and gotten pregnant and she was being rehomed by a rescue in Henly on Klip) and some work, he now lives his best life. The leg didn't require surgery thanks to rehab, their amazing vet, physio and careful exercise. 

He now goes for sheep herding lessons, agility lessons, sleeps in our bed and eats better than we do.

Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your story. We are happy to hear Bentley is well, happy and healthy!

Have you rescued a horse and/or animal or currently have a rescue horse and/or animal? If so, would you like to share your story with us by sending us an email about it with a picture of your rescue!