Sandra & Strawberry

This is Strawberry, she is a saddler cross Boerperd.

Sandra has had her for almost 5 years and Strawberry was a challenging horse. She was badly abused by a man the previous owner hired to break in. He whacked her with anything he picked up for the days he worked with her, she was terrified of humans and after the owner found out about his horrible training methods, she chased him away, after that she just roamed around with her heard in a field for a long time, until I bought her.

At first the owner said no, but after Sandra took the other two, she also bought, she said yes. Sandra bought all 3 horses as she felt sorry for them not knowing human love. One was skinny and the other was extremely terrified. on a Sunday Sandra, her dad, her boyfriend, and his mom went to load them with the borrowed box. They got the skinny horse in first, no fight from her. Sandra wanted to get Strawberry in as soon as possible so that she could get them home. They struggled for 2 hours, Straw slammed her dad with her front legs underneath the railings, he lost his hat, and his shoes came off, they were tight. He stood up and exclaimed, “shoot the damn horse, the thing is nuts and will never be normal”. Sandra screamed no and said she does want her! So, they made the decision, after she hurt herself, to leave her till tomorrow when the farmers’ workers are there to help. Her dad reluctantly hitched the box again and off they went to try again. It took 7 men to shove her in with straps.

Unfortunately, it had to be done with brute force, otherwise Sandra would never have gotten her. After 2 hours Strawberry was in and was as sweaty as they were. After working with her for almost a year, she was tame and ready for a rider. Sandra then decided one morning to just take the chance, she saddled her up and got on fast. Strawberry tensed up but was okay. Her mom and dad stood close, if something were to happen, she didn't want to walk and gave one little buck, but after that day, a beautiful horse emerged. She is her favorite horse.

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