Sally & Mikhe

We had the pleasure of meeting Mikhe and her "brave, little show pony", Sally. We were lucky enough to capture this special bond on film. Sally is a rescue horse and there was such a genuine love between Mikhe and Sally that we just had to share it. 

Sally's story only further highlights the importance of rescuing animals, rather than buying them. It is an opportunity to give these wonderful beings a second chance. Thanks to Mikhe's love, affection, training and patience, she was able to ride Sally and that is where the relationship truly blossomed. 

Sally was rescued by the SPCA, as she was found caught in barbed wire. From there, they took care of Sally and helped her heal. Upon first seeing here, Mikhe instantly connected with Sally and the rest is history! We urge everyone who may be interested in owning a horse, to give the rescue horses a chance. P