Michelle & Athena

‘Each rescue that comes in has an impact on our life.’  

Michelle Pansegrauw was asked if she could please go and have a look at this dog, Athena, that someone saw. 

Luckily, Michelle was on her way to #Wesbank2021 to drop off cats that was sterilized and went to go look for Athena. Her heart broke into pieces when she saw the dog.

She got her into her bakkie and just drove off. It wasn't difficult at all to get her, when I stopped at the people's house, they immediately showed me where she was and said I must please take her. 

And the questions Michelle started thinking were ‘How did we miss this girl? How can someone do this to her? How can you think that this is okay?’ 

She took Athena to #Graceland that is Grace Animal Sanctuary property in Joostenberg Vlakte and started bathing her, Hesna helped and they tried to take all the ticks off her. 

Athena is going to have a long recovery ahead but she is surprising everyone by the strength she holds. She weighed 11,7 Kg and the vet said that they think she is about 1,5 - 2 years old. Their aim with her is to make her 100% healthy and to find her the best home ever.

Howlelujah Foundation and GRACE Animal Sanctuary will be taking this journey with this girl together until she is 100% healthy. The biggest challenge so far is making sure that she is 100% sure she is healthy. Michelle and the staff have had amazing support with her so far. And Howlelujah Foundation and Grace Animal Sanctuary is working together with this girl. Both organizations have a big role in Athena’s life. 

Athena has been for us a week now, and Michelle has grown so attached to her.

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