Lin & King

“His scars tell where he has been. Not where he is going”

Lin Rautenbach tells us her story about her rescue horse King, and how he overcame his fears.

King was rescued by the National Council of SPCA’s at the end of 2017. He had been badly and intentionally burned by someone. Inspector Matome from the NSPCA encountered King while he was out in the field and was determined to save King. With patience, hard work and a whole lot of kindness, the staff at the NSPCA set King on his road to recovery.

Lin met King in December 2017 without the intention of adopting him. She went to go and meet him, bought carrots from the office and started enticing King with them. It wasn’t long before King was at the fence. King became very fond of Lin. As King was wary of strangers, Lin gave him space and ensured he made the first move. As they spent more time together, they clicked and finally, her mission was to bring him home.

Even though it was not easy finding a stable for him as people do not want to take in a special needs horse – her friend, Jacqueline Jansen Van Rensburg (who is in rescue) offered a stable for King. He would stay with other horses with a massive field, eat the best and get the kind of care that every animal should have.

Finally in 2018, with all the documents and procedures completed, Lin officially adopted King.

Lin would highly recommend adopting a rescue horse. Watching a broken, withdrawn animal turn into someone with massive personality is a beautiful sight to see. Rescued horses are not damaged goods or faulty animals, they are horses who have been failed dismally by humans. Take the chance, put in the work, and you will realise just how much these animals who have been let down have to offer.

Written by Lin Rautenbach
Edited by Alexa Raad