Letazha & Jinx

‘She made me realize that nothing is impossible…’

Letazha received a call from a very concerned lady about a horse, Jinx, in a very bad state. When she visited and spoke to the lady, she immediately realized that it is not that she was purposely neglecting the poor horse, it was a lack of horsemanship and knowledge. 

Letazha was then asked if she would be able to take the mare off her hands due to the fact that they do not have the time for her after the lady’s kids went to college.

She did not hesitate to say no as she couldn’t leave the horse like that!

The day came for Jinx to head to her home but the transportation didn’t turn out the way it was entailed. The kids walked her along the N2 highway to Letazha’s place, it was not far but the road was very busy! She was very shocked that Jinx could make 5km of walking and to find out that she struggled with her along the way of constantly stopping and being moody but eventually, she arrived safety.

Later that week, Letazha arranged an equine nutritionist and a visit from the vet to check up on Jinx. Her weight was too low for them to deworm her. She then slowly started gaining weight but was dropping her food a lot so she got the dentist to come and check her teeth. The Equine dentist arrived and started working with her. She freaked out and was rearing up... so for her safety we had to once again, cancel and book the vet to sedate her and make another appointment. Finally, after trial and error, her teeth were done.

Letazha’s intentions with her rescues are to give them a second chance in life and for them to enjoy being a horse. They are not competitive at her farm but they enjoy riding around the farm, doing jumps and hacking out!

Her best memory of jinx was that when she started gaining weight and started showing signs of life, the spark in her eye returned and she showed her that she was going to fight to live. She was trained and she loved to jump!

Letazha took these tasks on by herself to buy her food, meds and what else she requires.

Working with jinx and with a lot of food intake, she started showing life and a will for living! She cannot believe that this was the same mare she rescued as now, she is so feisty and has a bigger attitude than her size but Jinx made her realized that nothing is impossible.

Letazha took from this amazing experience is that to never give up, that when there is a will, there is a way and to not judge a horse from their appearances because dynamite surely comes in all shapes and sizes! Jinx is the most loving and caring horse!

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