Kate & Milagro

'He has shown us that animals are so forgiving and will give their everything if you give them the love and respect they deserve.'

Milagro is Kate’s little rescue. When he was only 2 1/5 years old, he was used as a cart and race horse. When he was rescued, he had mouth sores, back sores and his hooves were raw underneath. Today, 3 years later, he is the most gorgeous pony with not a mean bone in his body. 

When Kate rescued him, her intention was to get him to a safe place where he can be loved and no longer miss treated. He was advertised for sale on Facebook R2500 and they managed to get him for R1500. They immediately contacted horse riding connections they had in Kimberley and within an hour or so, this boy was boxed and on his way to a safe place until they could get him transported to them.

When they finally got him, feeding him the correct food was one of the biggest challenges as he was only estimated to be 2 1/2 years old, so food that would help with growth, healing and help his immune system as well as healing his mouth and back sores, getting his hooves right as they were raw underneath due to being ridden on the tar.

As kind and sweet as he was, if he was shown any authority towards him in the lunge ring he would go into defence mode, so they started with the basics and natural horsemanship and showed him he had no reason to fear us.

Some of the best experiences Kate experienced with Milagro was that first the way he buried his head into her after he walked off the box, almost his way of thanking her and feeling the security and love. The second memorable moment was that Milagro jumped 60cm for the first time in his life and did it with flying colours at his first show and he also won all his classes in his first dressage show.

The staff and owners of Mein Heim equestrian estate were incredible helping the transport of Milagro by putting themselves at risk to and fetch him and they gave him 5-star treatment from the moment he arrived till he stepped on that box to come to Kate.

From the moment Kate and her sister saw this boy in the advert on fb, they knew there was something special about him. He is a kind and gentle boy who just adores kids and will let them do anything with them.

He has shown us that animals are so forgiving and will give their everything if you give them the love and respect they deserve.

‘I wish we could rescue them all but changing one life at a time is what’s important.’

Your dedication towards helping Milagro having a better life will never go unnoticed!

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