Danielle & Angel

Danielle Thompson shares her story about her two rescues with us.

Angel, a papillon, was one of their first rescues and had her for many years. She was running about Hout Bay Harbour and was taken in by DARG. Danielle sadly put down a dog and were looking for a new one. They took their rottweiler who was a young puppy at the time for a drive and they had an urge to go to DARG that day. What a Sunday drive turned into an adoption day and they ended up spotting Angel in the kennels. She was not hard to miss as she was dancing on her hind legs as if she was saying ‘take me, take me.’ Angel was half the size she is now, very happy and living her best life with her favourite things in the world: sleep and any kind of food or treats.

Danielle’s other rescue is a little mix-of-all-sorts boy named Mickey. He came to an Adopt a Pet was she was volunteering there years ago and she was making rounds of giving the dogs treats when she came to a kennel that had 5 puppies in it. In the back of the kennel which was cold, dark and wet, there was a skinny dog laying curled up a box and trying to hide himself and he had to fight for food with all the puppies. Mickey was originally given to the shelter by a man who claimed he didn’t want him anymore and that his children were hurting him. When Danielle adopted him, she noticed that it was not just kids that he had a fear of but also men. He would try to squeeze himself under the bed to get away from Danielle’s dad and would drop his back and bare his teeth if her dad tried to go near him. But he has grown into the most sweetest gentle little boy and is so happy!

We are so happy Angel and Mickey found such an amazing home filled with love and compassion! Thank you for sharing your story with us Danielle.

Have you rescued a horse and/or animal or currently have a rescue horse and/or animal? If so, would you like to share your story with us by sending us an email shop@savara.co.za about it with a picture of your rescue!