Carla & Harry

‘We have an incredible little rescue pony named Prince Charming, or Harry.’

Harry was rescued by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in May 2020. He had collapsed in someone's garden in Skaapkraal, near Bloemfontein, and the kind people called the SPCA immediately. When they found him, he was complete skin and bones. His mane and tail were also matted beyond recognition.

Once the SPCA got him into the box, they took him to their facilities and started the long journey to a full recovery. When he was happy and healthy once more, they posted about him on Facebook.

For Carla and her mother, it was love at first sight. Her mother wanted a pony ever since she was a kid, but was never able to get one and when Carla came along, the horses were always hers. So, when she saw Harry, she wanted him immediately. Unfortunately, they didn't think they had all the necessary facilities to look after such a small pony and decided to rather let him go.

As the months went on, they kept seeing his ad. It was as if every time they opened up Facebook, his pretty little face was staring right back at us. On the 30th December 2020, they went to meet him after months of procrastinating. After some carrots, cuddles and ear scratches it was decided. Carla and her mother had to get him and filled in the forms immediately.

They didn't hear back that day and started stressing that someone else had snatched him up. While sitting at the farm the next day, drinking coffee with a friend, the SPCA called to say that they were at the gate for a home check. They almost started crying from joy that the process had started. After a great home check, they waited in anticipation to hear back from them. They heard back that afternoon and were on their way to fetch him that evening. 

So, on the 31st of December 2020, the Du Plessis family added a new member to the family. He is so loved and spoiled by everyone at the farm and has brought so much joy to so many people. 

Have you rescued a horse and/or animal or currently have a rescue horse and/or animal? If so, would you like to share your story with us by sending us an email about it with a picture of your rescue!