The Groomsmen – An Unsung Hero

The Groomsmen are your right-hand man. Your pal and maybe a favorite to your horse too. The Groom or Stable girl/boy are hired people by stable owners to help take care of the horses of individuals and work on the farms. They are dedicated to take care of the show horses. They usually accompany the horses, clean them and cut their manes and many other examples.

It is either a full-time job and sometimes coexists with the owners. a very important factor in these cases is that they exercise the horse if the rider does not.

The work of a stable boy could be summarized in that they take care of the daily care of the horses. Now, what care are those? Let's look at all of these needs in a little more detail:


After the equine has gone out to exercise, the groom cleans it of mud and dust, plus brushed. They should also trim the hooves, when necessary. They ensure stables are cleaned and in good condition with all the equipment placed in a secure place. In addition to cleaning the feeders, drinkers and preparing the animals' beds, of course.


They provide the perfect amount of food for the horses, as well as ensure that they have water.

Although horse riders and the equestrian industry is well and dusted, the groomsmen play a large role in the equine environment. it is a profession that is quite undervalued in the equine world, something that is reflected both in salary and from the labor point of view.

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