Dog Walking Etiquette 101

Simple guidelines for when you want to walk your dog and get some fresh air!


  • Teach a good recall. If your dog does not come back to you after playing fetch, do not take him off the lead! Rather have a long lead until they have enough practice to roam freely without trouble.
  • Let your dog greet politely. Approach others, human or pet, slowly and ask the owner if it is okay.
  • Always take a bag with you to clean up after your dog!
  • Take a fresh bottle of water and some treats for your dog.
  • For your own safety, take a pepper spray along for your walks.
  • Lastly, follow the rules! They are there for a reason. If a sign says ‘no dogs off the lead,’ obey.


  • Never let your dog chase children, people or other dogs.
  • don’t let him jump up on strangers.
  • Don’t let him rush towards other dogs.
  • Never allow your dog to dig up plants or kill small animals.
  • If your dog likes to chase children, cars or cyclists, don’t take him off the lead.

Extracted from Animal Talk, Dog Etiquette 101, April 2015.